Monday, 4 March 2013

Online Shopping Is Boom In E-commerce

Online shopping is a form e-commerce which allows a customer to buy/sell products on internet with in less time and conveniently . This is the technique which allows all kind of customers to buy or sell products on internet without travelling anywhere and this technique is growing day by day. Customers can check & review products online before buying it. This is how buyer can get their product with less time and with more information about the product given by the website manager/company site.

There are many websites like,, etc. for online shopping, customer can review many product on Internet and can get the product without any hassle or waste of time. Now how these site work? These sites list the products on their website with more information, price, and way of delivery. You can use different ways to buy a product online e.g. you can use your credit card, debit card or you can pay the amount on delivery of the product. There are many website working as a mediator between buyer and seller like &

Though online shopping is easy and time saving technique but there are some disadvantages also along with the advantages of the technique. As we discussed that customer can buy online he/she need to give credit/debit card details to the company/website manager which can be a fraud or which is not secure.Another disadvantages is product suitablity, for example some product may have same discription with different serial code therfore employee may deliver a wrong product to the customer. Customers may see the incomplete cost/ extra cost information while they are checking or reviewing the product which may be high in total cost of product.